Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vain Reviewer

I’m behind. I didn’t post a single review in September. It wasn’t because I lost interest or quit reading. I stopped posting reviews because my hair looked terrible. Really, really terrible. I know that’s not what I said in the video, but it’s the truth. I also know it’s vain. These videos require quite a bit of editing, though. And staring at ugly hair while cutting up a tedious piece of footage, listening to myself say the same thing over and over again, is a quick way to go crazy. Since no one around here really likes it when I’m crazy, I took a break.

Now that I’ve gotten a haircut, I’m struggling to catch up. I jumped back in with a review of Mr. Peanut by Adam Ross because it’s an easy book to talk about. It’s substantive, dark, and original. My kind of book.

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